HDwireless Camera Solutions

HDwireless is the well know company of the german production engineer Patrick Nussbaum.

Patrick applies for his creativity in the implementation of wireless solutions for TV and event technology as one of the most recognized german specialists in this area.
Whenever cameras need to work wireless, and their picture must be transmitted in best HD quality, begins the work of his team.
Whether aboard a Formula 1 – Championchip in the tunnel of Monaco or helmet motocross – superstar Robbie Maddison at his somersault jump over the open Tower Bridge in London: the wireless camera pictures come in the best HD quality in our living room and give us the feeling to be close to the action.

The design, development, installation and management of these wireless systems implemented HDwireless. With all that goes with it. From innovative design in the weight-saving “lightweight” steadycams, the Sony Sidepanel Systems, low-vibration mounting to the optimal communication.

Problems ? Difficulties ? HDwireless only call it challenges.

Patrick Nussbaum : ” In our company certainly fit many descriptions – I see us as an idea factory : The ideas of tasks that are supplied to us by the customer, arise in our minds That is, if you will, the intellectual part of our activity .
If these solutions are then implemented by our team in practice, begins that part of our work , which is often also physically demanding. Because then our use often takes place under extreme conditions. For our customers, we sweat, depending on the location ever for days in scorching heat or stand knee-deep in snow.”

For the specialists this is a maxim : the number of requirements that arise for the production team from the respective recording situations. Transmission of a desert rally or winter sports report at minus 15 degrees – each location is different and requires individual solutions.

That’s why we’re here.