Quiz-Helden Show (SWR)

The HDwireless ULC Steadicam during SWR Show-Production
“Die Quizhelden” in Baden-Baden, Germany



Immer wieder Sonntags 2015


HDwireless supports the weekly music show “Immer wieder Sonntags” at german ARD television.The show was done with two HDwireless SONY sidepanel solutions – one steadicam and one handheld-version. After 14 perfectly done shows we would like to thank the IWS-Team for the trust in us and our team.


Frankfurt Marathon 2015

The 4-hour live coverage for this year’s marathon accompanied HDwireless with city receive technology, telemetry and wireless solutions. On the 42.195 km long route through the city center and the suburbs of Frankfurt the athletes were broadcast live during the whole show.

A special upgraded motorcycle was used for the live camera transmission. An area of ​​about 50 square kilometers was covered with two receiving points and an ASI – real-time network connection. So no relay helicopters were necessary.

Planning and implementation was coordinated in close cooperation between the special wireless and sports department of Hessischer Rundfunk and HDwireless.





“Baron 1898” Opening Show

HDwireless provides up to 3 onboard wireless cameras to do the opening show of the new attraction “Baron 1898” in theme park “De Efteling” in the netherlands. Also our new RF1 mobile production unit and high speed fiber links was used to do this show.


Helicopter “Streichquartett”

– Production: Helicopter “Streichquartett” in Ingolstadt 2015
– Music: Karl-Heinz Stockhausens “Helicopter-Streichquartett”
– Technical facts: 4 helicopter, 4 x HD-SDI downlink, 4-way embedded audio low delay encoding/decoding,
RFiber realtime chaining, Wireless Video Village with RF1 central receive & signal distribution
– Crew: Sebastian Coat, Stefan Strohmeier (HDwireless)


BMW DTM Launch Nürnberg

HDwireless equips DTM BMW launch in Nürnberg:
– RF1 wireless production unit
– wireless onboard camera systems
– wireless handheld cameras
– rental premiere: VISLINK Herocast Gopro wireless


Red Bull Wings for life world run 2015

Red Bull – Wings for life world run, Darmstadt:

HDwireless accompanied Florian Neuschwander on his 74,56 (!)km running trip through the vicinity of Darmstadt
– wireless CameraQuad, Tx and camera technic
– relay helicopter
– Central “wireless video village”, Central Rx point
– RF1 wireless production unit
– team radio communication


SONY Order 2015

Vorbestellungen abgeschlossen…

HDwireless bestellt auf der ProLight & Sound zwei neue SONY HDC-P1 R cameras.
Beide Geräte sind bereits mit dem 1080/50p – Standard ausgestattet.

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