CSi Conference 2018 again with HDwireless

Bidirectional video link for live transmission of surgeries

Every year at the end of June, the CSI Foundation invites to an international conference of cardiologists. For four days heart specialists, scientists and experts will exchange ideas in the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt. A special highlight is the simultaneous heart surgery in the Sankt Katharinen hospital, which is about ten kilometers away. For example, the congress participants can follow live-on surgeries in full HD resolution from the conference hall and simultaneously communicate with the surgeon in the OR via live video. This is possible through a bidirectional video radio link, which HDwireless sets up for the duration of the conference as early as the third year. For this purpose, the RF technicians installed transmitters and antennas for the point-to-point video transmission on the rooftops of the respective buildings. For the long signal paths within the building, the technicians used HDwireless RFiber. Using fiber optics, the signals could be routed over long distances to the target point, where they are reconverted to standard video signals. Thus, the transmission between the conference room and the operating room was carried out in combination with video transmission and optical fiber via HDwireless RFiber technology.

Photo credit: cme4u – CSi Congress