RF1 Mobile Production


RF1 for Outside Broadcast

External broadcasts often use wireless camera systems. Multiple mobile positions with handheld cameras, steadicams, or remote camera locations often require more widespread use of wireless cameras. As a result, many different RF signals have to be transmitted, processed and provided at the production site: picture and sound signals, camera control and other tasks like RF communication for team and direction. The RF production vehicle HDwireless RF1 is designed as an interface between the RF braodcast and the OB truck of the broadcaster. It is highly flexible with shortest set-up times, for example in productions with changing transmission locations, as often occurs in multi-day sports events.








The equipment of the RF1 production vehicle

The vehicle, based on a Mercedes Sprinter, is air-conditioned and connects up to 16 wireless camera systems, RF signal processing / control and RF frequency monitoring. The video equipment is designed in a consistent 3G-SDI standard and designed for 4k environment. The monitoring is equipped with UHD Sony displays. The RF structure is designed with multiple RF distribution units and “RF over Fiber” solutions, so that up to 16 wireless camera systems including camera control can be processed in parallel via the signal and process structure. The HDwireless RF1 offers full camera control for Sony, Ikegami and Grass Valley camera systems.

Integrated network, intercom and fiber optic systems enable easy, fast and easy connection to the production environment on site. The production vehicle has a 12-meter antenna mast that can be put into operation in just a few minutes.