Video transmission with RF amplifier


The Application

In the wireless camera transmission, mobile or stationary RF video links are frequently used, often without electic power supply. For example, in sports broadcasts, cameramen ride on motorcycles or other vehicles on the run or race transmit live images to RF receiving antennas or airborne systems. The signals are often amplified and transmitted over a longer period of time for the duration of the event. In stationary camera positions, these are often offset over greater distances and transmit signals to more distant RF receiving antennas. Often there is no electric power supply available at the desired location.








The HDwireless Solution

HDwireless has developed its own product solutions for such applications, which are optimized for such transmission situations. HDwireless PA Case is an RF amplifier available in two versions for 2 GHz and 3 GHz radio ranges. For perfect outdoor use, the units are practically integrated into weatherproof and shockproof Peli Cases. The transmission power is a maximum of 5 watts. The HDwireless Mobile Power Unit was developed for a stable and secure power supply, delivered in a weatherproof and shockproof Peli Case. The unit has a capacity of 1,200 Wh and has output voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V. Thus, all components are supplied for the duration of the operation, in mobile applications and anywhere where no electric power supply is reliably available. HDwireless Mobile Power Unit has an integrated charging unit that controls the lithium-ion battery and optimally recharges.

Typical Applications

Mobile transmission technology in a golf caddy or in a gondola with RF live broadcast to stationary receiving antennas with transmission over greater distances via HDwireless PA Case and autonomous power supply with HDwireless Mobile Power Unit.