GPS antenna tracker for ski jumping in Oberstdorf

HDwireless Camera Solution with innovative AI tracking

HDwireless GPS Antenna Tracker Live Camera Helicopter Downlink

For the kick-off of the Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf on December 29 and 30, 2018, HDwireless was in action for the host broadcaster ZDF. The overall technical planning and the implementation of the host requirements were realized by the company “TopVision” under the leadership of Achim Jendges. On-site, HDwireless supported the OB-van service provider from Berlin with wireless camera systems and radio connections. HDwireless used its own development, the GPS antenna tracker, to receive live images from a camera helicopter. After a comprehensive hardware and software update last autumn, the established system offers many additional functions for the requirements of RF transmission. In addition to the “Traveled Path Recording” option already introduced, the latest version provides features such as “Auto GPS Location” and “KI Tracking Option”. The GPS antenna tracking system is connected autonomously with only one LEMO SMPTE fiber. Patrick Nussbaum describes the technology benefits as follows: “Here in Oberstdorf in the main focus is not on a range increase as in our other missions. With the tracking system, we can operate the RF components at the highest quality level through the optimized transmission. Thus, we reinforce our quality standards and can provide our customer, in this case TopVision, with a seamlessly integrated signal source.


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