GPS antenna tracker with new features

HDwireless introduces second generation of a successful system

At the beginning of last year, HDwireless presented the prototype of a GPS-controlled antenna tracker. After successful test runs, a first series of trackers was produced. The system supported wireless camera transmissions with live images from vehicles at the receiver end or also the high-frequency radio transmission with relay aircraft over very long distances. Under the name HDwireless GPS Antenna Tracker, the exact and automated reception technology was also used in numerous projects to maximize the radio range. Due to the positive deployment experience, HDwireless is currently developing an enhanced version of the tracker with new features in hardware and software. In addition to the well-known precise spatial orientation, the RF technician will in future have access to all information about signal strength, alignment and hardware monitoring. For example, the GPS antenna tracker is often set apart on a working platform at very high altitudes for the best possible reception of the camera and data signals. In future, the program interface will display all relevant operating data graphically. The system also maps the current positions of the wireless camera systems in use via Google Earth. The “Traveled Path Recording” continuously records all GPS positions for analysis in ongoing production and displays them in the geographical map. Using Web Access, the production data is made available via the Internet for a transparent monitoring. The market launch of the new system will take place in late autumn 2018.