HDwireless Adopts 4k Broadcasting Technology

Pioneering Products for the Rental Portfolio

HDwireless is now offering 4k wireless camera systems. This means that customer requirements for high-frequency video transmission in native 4k resolution can be met during broadcasts, events, and trade fairs. The new HDwireless HCAM system uses, among other things, the Grass Valley LDX 86N/C86N camera head and cameras from Sony, Ikegami and Panasonic, which offers a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels using Canon 4k optics. The RF transmitter encodes in H265 (HEVC) and is compatible with 3G/6G/12G SDI as well as SDI/HD SDI formats. Several frequency bands between 1.95 GHz and 7.6 GHz are available for the wireless transmission of video signals with a transmission power of between 10 mW and 250 mW. This facilitates data rates of up to 31.7 MBit for DVB-T modulation and up to 43 MBit for LMS-T modulation. The latency of the wireless transmission is extremely low in the current HEVC coding, meaning that HDwireless HCAM is capable of being used in a camera network. The 4k wireless camera system is ideal for providing high-resolution, high-quality live broadcasts and all future applications in 4k resolution. Detailed product information is available at HDwireless is a leading provider in terms of both the rental and sale of wireless camera systems. The equipment portfolio is constantly expanding and offers a practical range of camera and HF transmission technology covering every aspect of wireless camera transmission.


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