HDwireless develops GPS antenna tracker

Greater reach for wireless camera transmissions

Sports events such as marathons or bicycle races naturally cover vast areas. Uninterrupted and at the same time attractive live coverage for TV and Internet streaming therefore presents a demanding challenge. Not only will signals have to transmit over great distances to the mobile unit, but the course – depending on the topography – may present obstructions influencing the transmission. It is the live pictures that should present any athletic contest the viewers at close range. Quite frequently several cameramen on motorbikes will transmit in real time from the route. The broadcasting and event-supplier HDwireless of Mechernich specializes in such tasks. This business has the necessary know-how and technology, as well as long time experience with professional wireless transmission at great distances, even under the usage of helicopters and aircraft. In future distances and transmission security will be increased even further. This enables even greater transmissions of more widespread sports events, assuring at the same time stable transmission at efficient costs. In the center of this in-house development stands the prototype of the GPS antenna tracker with its free swiveling antenna array. Sebastien Coat, software programmer at HDwireless explains the computer assisted tracker steering: “With our software the GPS tracker continually adjusts the direction of the mobile or airborne transmitters. The position data supply steadily determines the optimal direction which means an enormous increase of the operating range“. HDwireless has been developing and producing wireless systems and individual solutions for high frequency radio transmission for many years. “Our products are developed from practice. We bring together concrete market demands with our longstanding know-how – starting with development via construction up to manufacturing”, Patrick Nussbaum describes the HDwireless philosophy. For the prototype of the GPS antenna tracker this means an optimum of orientation of the tracking system toward the integrated RF-transmission technology of the manufacturer Vislink. In order to perfectly control the operation, and for the exact viewing for the customer the GPS tracking points can be visualized via Google Earth. The GPS antenna tracker is a well thought out, productive system, and it will be available in future in the product portfolio of HDwireless as an efficient technology to increase radio ranges.


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