HDwireless extends its rental capacity

Grass Valley INCAM-G is a Dry-Hire product very much in demand

As of immediately HDwireless offers additional Grass Valley INCAM-G wireless cameras. This extension is a logical step after a very successful introductory phase of this transmission technology for professional broadcasting. The first systems have been part of the HDwireless portfolio since end of 2015. These radio transmission-cameras quickly established their efficiency, especially in the Dry-Hire rental segment. Aside from the exceptional technical specifications our rental clients in the broadcast and event markets praised, they also appreciate the simple handling and compact design of this novel transmitting system. As far as the cameras are concerned the radio technology is fully integrated in the Grass Valley LDX. The receiver comprises of up to two diversity antenna positions for a flawless and trouble-free transmission. The cables between the receiving antenna and the 19” 2HE-decoder are designed as triax connection. The setup on site is done easily with simple and clear settings. Frequencies within the gigahertz range of 3.2 and 3.7 GHz, as well as the transmitting capacity of 10 mW to 250 mW will be adjusted to the radio conditions at the point of venue. With its powerful COFDM-transmission, the camera can operate up to 1000 m around the antenna. The camera control supports full command set of Grass Valley OCP 400 and MCP working within the frequency range of 450 – 470 MHz, and it can be seamlessly integrated into every camera infrastructure. Aside from standard signals like 720/50p and 1080/50i all usable video formats will be transmitted up to 1080/50p. The HDwireless GV INCAM-G is integrated as an innovative wireless camera product into our Dry-Hire-rental service. “All products in our portfolio are synchronized to present a comprehensive system for the manifold requirements of professional broadcastings and the event rental markets”, HDwireless CEO Patrick Nussbaum confirms. As additional service we offer 24/7 support to all dry-hire customers. Competent technicians answer inquiries regarding the various rental products around the clock. All customers may request rentals at very short notice for their ventures.


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