HDwireless on German Unity Day

Networked Wireless Camera Transmission on Behalf of ARD

This year, the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate hosted the official celebration of German Unity Day in Mainz. ARD and SWR provided radio and television coverage of the event. Celebrations and events took place all over downtown, all of which were broadcast on television. HDwireless was commissioned by Südwestrundfunk (Southwest Broadcasting) to carry out comprehensive wireless camera transmission from various locations during the program.

The HDwireless RF1 production vehicle was used to achieve this, with all wireless camera signals being merged centrally. HDwireless built an RF transmission network in order to be able to cover the many places where live coverage was carried out. This was done in close consultation with the SWR Technical Director, Helmut Kremer. Several wireless camera systems were used to transmit live images of the official program, which was centered around Mainz Cathedral, as well as other celebrations that took place downtown. This transmission was carried out either using a Steadicam or handheld camera. Patrick Nussbaum, CEO of HDwireless, had the following to say: “Precise knowledge of the requirements and wishes of the editors was of utmost importance during this production. Reliable and latency-free wireless networking was required for the many venues in Mainz. In order to achieve this, we installed an IP-based ASI network and combined this with our HDwireless RFiber fiber-optic technology.”

The company also provided the radio communication for the mobile camera teams and the OB truck director. This meant that the HDwireless RF1 production vehicle, which is equipped with a 12-meter-high antenna mast, was able to handle all on-site radio communication requirements.