HDwireless provides live transmission of Formula 1

Complex wireless transmission for stable video and communications signals


HDwireless cameras

Within the scope of the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring in Budapest on July 24, 2016 HDwireless transmitted live TV from the actual Formula 1 event. “HDwireless was commissioned by the Host Broadcaster as service provider. It was our task to transmit live video signals of the Formula 1 spectacle directly to the director from the locations paddock, pit lane, and starting grid. By doing this, we very closely cooperated with Imre Sereg, the production manager on location”, Patrick Nussbaum, Manager of HDwireless comments.

By way of wireless camera technology we transmitted flexible and lively camera perspectives to the receiving unit RF1 of HDwireless. This HF-production vehicle is equipped with an antenna mast of 12meters in height. By means of RFiber – an HDwireless glass fiber product – the HF-signal was sent from the antenna position to the signal processing equipment inside the vehicle. From there it was fed to a receiver, then decoded and submitted to the Host Broadcaster’s OB-truck.

Aside from the wireless camera transmission HDwireless fulfilled several radio services. For example: the program signal was relayed to the expert commentator’s monitor.  Furthermore, HDwireless supplied important audio signals like directing communication – the IFB/N-1-signal to the team radio and the field reporter – for a smooth procedure.

For stable transmission from and to the various locations the HDwireless technicians installed their own antenna network connecting all receiving points via ASI-transport stream, and thus assuring permanent and flawless transmission.


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