HDwireless realizes Live-Broadcast from the Istanbul-Marathon

Complex wireless radio transmission in Turkish TV

On the occasion of the “Istanbul Eurasia Marathon 2016” the participating runners looked on the November 13th toward the Bosporus bridge, ready to start. Three helicopters where circling above, prepared for the live transmission of the world’s only intercontinental Marathon. For suspenseful and up-close live images of the runners cameras were mounted on helicopters and motorbikes. The German company HDwireless from Mechernich near Cologne had been hired by the Turkish Broadcasting service “Kamera Teknik” and was responsible for this extensive transmission; HDwireless plans and performs wireless camera projects worldwide.  The Turkish broadcasting service “Kamera Teknik” decided in favor of HDwireless to operate with three helicopters, one with a Cineflex camera system, and one with relay function, the third one was equipped with Cineflex camera system and RF relay technology. The two motorbikes had their visual angle directed at the leading runners. The third bike transmitted live impressions from the entire field of runners to the helicopter. Patrick Nussbaum, CEO of HDwireless comments: “We equipped two so-called relay-helicopters with receiving and transmitting technology in order to enable us to still send dependable images – despite the considerable distance between the bikes. At the same time we procured a stable signal dependability with redundant relay stations in the air”. The helicopters transmitted the RF signals they received from the bike-cameras as ASI transport stream to a cross-linked antenna-array on the ground. This is where the helicopters as well sent their live aerial images of the sports event. For this, the helicopters had been equipped with a gimbal mounted Cineflex camera system.  Summing up, HDwireless supplied the host broadcaster with five live signals from the race to the OB-van for live transmission on Turkish TV; at the same time, HDwireless was responsible for the entire team-radio communication from the ground to all airborne stations.


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