HDwireless RF1 after State-of-the-Art Upgrade

Production vehicle features new specification for RF outdoor broadcasting

HDwireless is bringing the technology of the RF1 high-frequency vehicle right up to date. As part of this process, the vehicle has been revised by the renowned system integrator BFE from Mainz over the course of the last four weeks. This has involved the precise analysis of future tasks and developments in professional broadcasting and high-frequency wireless camera transmission. The production vehicle for high-frequency outdoor broadcasting was first put into operation in 2015. Following two years of successful use, the RF1 technology was then developed further, made available in the universal 3G-SDI standard and made 4k-ready. In order to meet the high-quality requirements, the monitoring features were equipped with UHD Sony displays and the RF structure was adapted to include multiple RF splitter units and an internal glass-fiber structure. Up to 16 wireless camera systems including camera control can be processed in parallel via the signal and process structure. In terms of receiving technology, the production vehicle features a 12-meter antenna mast that can be put into operation in just a few minutes. This technology is based on static antennas and the new HDwireless GPS antenna tracker system, which significantly increases the RF range of the antennas. The vehicle is designed as an interface between RF wireless image transmission and the broadcaster’s broadcast van. It is also highly flexible and features the shortest possible set-up times in order to accommodate quick changes of location, e.g. for productions with changing broadcast locations, such as at multi-day sports events. With the RF1 production vehicle, HDwireless is the only company in the German-speaking world to offer this kind of technology. Patrick Nussbaum, CEO of HDwireless expressed his satisfaction upon the handover of the ready-to-use vehicle: “This development makes our RF production vehicle a benchmark in the world of RF wireless image transmission and has already been booked up for the next few weeks, during which time it will be in constant demand”.


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