HDwireless RF1 covers “Christkindlesmarkt”

Live broadcast in Nuremberg using wireless cameras

The Nuremberg “Christkindlesmarkt” starts with the traditional opening ceremony delivered by the “Christkind” (Infant Jesus) from the gallery of the “Frauenkirche” (Church of Our Lady). Around 20,000 visitors gathered at the main market square watched the traditional opening on December 1, which was broadcast live by the Bavarian Broadcasting channel during their “Abendschau” program starting at 5:30 p.m. The BR production vehicles as well as an AKK-TV OB truck were in position at the neighboring fruit market. Directly adjacent to these was the HDwireless RF1, the mobile RF production unit used for broadcasting the wireless live video. Three members of the HDwireless production team were working on location. The company from Mechernich near Cologne carried out the wireless camera transmission across the entire Christkindlesmarkt using three camera systems, two radio displays and by providing the radio operation required for the production. This meant that two independent BR teams of presenters were able to report live and on the move during the broadcast from various locations at the market. HDwireless had set up several antennae at the main market in order to provide the wireless network. On the one hand, antennas were in place in order to receive the image and sound signals transmitted by the wireless camera systems and, on the other hand, transmitting antennas provided the program signal for the radio displays. Consequently, the hosting presenters were able to follow the progress of the live broadcast at the square at all times. The entire video and high-frequency connection was created by the on-site team through means of a real-time fiber optic network that they had installed themselves. This included components of the HDwireless RFiber signal conversion technology. The entire RF signal traffic for image, sound, camera control and production communication was received, transmitted and controlled by the HDwireless RF1 production vehicle. At the end of the one-hour “Abendschau”, the stable 100% network coverage in the broadcasting area around the main market affirmed the effectiveness of the RF planning and calculation for all radio frequencies used.


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