HDwireless transmitting at the TELEKOM CUP

Sophisticated Wireless Camera Technology to Enable Internet Streaming

On, users can now stream the TELEKOM CUP 2017 live on their smartphone or PC on July 15, 2017, and watch the matches exactly as they would on their TV screen. But that’s not all: viewers are also able to switch between the various camera angles in the stadium and sometimes watch unusual and unique perspectives that are not available when watching the game live on TV. There is also the possibility of selecting angles from different stands or even the mascot’s point of view. In the stadium, the life-size mascots make their way around the field and wear wireless body cameras. This creates nine different live images simultaneously that can be viewed on the Internet at any time during the event. The HDwireless team from Mechernich uses wireless camera technology to transmit live images from the Borussia-Park in Mönchengladbach. Mascots wear mini HD cameras and other transmission technology. This enables them to move freely around the entire stadium.

The cameras are either hidden away in the palms of their hands or in the head of promotional costumes. The image signals are sent via RF technology from the mascots to the receiving stations inside the stadium and are then processed in the HDwireless RF1 production vehicle. Project manager Patrick Nußbaum controls the incoming and outgoing signals, which are then transferred as conventional video signals to the Internet streaming team in the nearby production vehicle. “Our client commissioned us to design and implement this live transmission. The highlight is a camera placed inside the mobile column of the TELEKOM CUP trophy, where it transmits live images without any cables. The entire ultra-lightweight device, including its battery power supply, was installed inside the slim, meter-high column.” Another separate wireless camera was also used for the presentation ceremony. For those interested in these interactive online events, this unique view of the victorious Bayern Munich team is at your fingertips.


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