HDwireless Video Networking at Lake Constance Festival 2017

Wireless camera transmission for a SWR production

The Imperia statue is the landmark at the entrance to the Lake Constance harbor. To reach this prominent site, visitors walk along the pier, which stretches for roughly one hundred meters out into the lake. It was precisely here that HDwireless set up their tents in preparation for the Lake Constance Festival on August 12. This location is not only ideal for the statue, but also for the RF antennae. Patrick Nussbaum, HDwireless CEO and project manager for this event explained his broadcasting concept as follows: “We can cover all camera positions from this site for wireless camera transmission on behalf of host broadcaster SWR. During the live broadcast, lasting for almost four hours, the camera locations and their RF transmitters are constantly changing. The presenters interview visitors both down at the harbor and on the promenade. They also go out by boat to neighboring harbors or switch to ferries and ships while out on the lake in order to present items or host quiz games.

Patrick Nussbaum explained HDwireless technology in the following way: “In spite of the vast transmission areal by and on Lake Constance, we are able to achieve perfect coverage of the entire area from only one point of reception by using our GPS antenna trackers. The tracker can constantly adjust the antennae using the GPS transmitter from the camera, thereby ensuring a stable and uninterrupted broadcast”. The antenna tracker is a tried- and -tested in-house development and now forms an integral part of HDwireless projects. The RF signals received are monitored using the technology installed on the pier and then transmitted to the broadcasting vans via a glass-fiber network. The RF transmission technology thus enabled the cameras to be ideally located out on the lake to film the Lake Constance Festival firework finale against the harbor backdrop in front of this university city.


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