HDwireless @ Wings for Life World Run Schweiz 2016

Fixed-wing aircraft as a means of innovative relay station for HD video signals

On May 8th 2016, HDwireless broke new ground at the “World Run – Wings for Life” event in Olten, Switzerland.

In order to cover the marathon via wireless camera live signals were transmitted from several motorcycles to a specially equipped plane circling over the race circuit. This craft had been rigged to serve as receiving and transmitting unit, and its live pictures reached the local “WirelessVideoVillage” via a tall signal mast. “On the plane we received the various signals – interference minimized by diversity-demodulators – from where we forwarded them per RF stream to the central receiving station. With this combination of relay plane and wireless technology we are the first providers in the broadcasting market of Germany” says company manager Patrick Nussbaum. In order to deliver high quality live-camera shots of the marathon custom-made motorcycles were prepared in cooperation with TVtek prior to the project’s start. Due to the TÜV (Technical Supervisory Association) approved seat modifications with foot rests for a cameraman sitting in reverse on the backseat it was possible to film the runners from the advance motorcycle.

Each bike was equipped with its own transmitting technology from HDwireless. Not only video signals but also audio signals, communication, and the GPS positions were transmitted. The aircraft´s pilot was briefed to optimize its course at any given time. This was made possible via the exact position coordinates the camera-equipped motorbike convoy kept transmitting. This way the 30m high GPS-controlled antenna array at the central reception point was enabled to always receive flawless signals. Patrick Nussbaum explains: “The diversity ASI chaining-technique covered an area of 160square km.”

The signals received via the aerial array reached the mobile production unit RF1 via fiber optical transmission, an HDwireless vehicle used as receiving point for wireless-camera signals. The directors and editing communications were offered as an additional project function mutually handled by CS com solution and HDwireless. In closing Patrick Nussbaum summarizes: “The technical concept, the transmission relays, and the reception technology were developed and produced by HDwireless.

We are very satisfied with the flawless and consistent transmission of the World Run for the entire duration and distance of the event”.


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