HDwireless with Citynet in Dortmund

Wireless Camera for TV-Reporting

On May 21, 2016 at 8 PM the kick-off whistle sounded for the DFB Final game between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund at the Berlin Olympia Stadium.

That was also the start of the stand-by time for the HDwireless crew. On behalf of WDR TV six HDwireless technicians had installed a socalled „Citynet“ in the inner city limits of Dortmund in order to facilitate consistent transmission of wireless camera signals.

The BVB-trucks motorcade was enabled to transmit live signals from two HD cameras. Preceding this, some detailed planning was necessary to position the relays for signal reception from the BVB-Truck and transmit them to the central receiving station, as well as the coordination of the frequency ranges. „A network of relay stations was needed to receive the signals from the BVB truck and in turn transmit them to the central receiving station. From there, the customer would receive the result via fiber network solutions“ Patrick Nußbaum, Manager HDwireless GmbH, explains.

The Citynet was additionally installed for reporter and directing communication by way of digital radio waves. “Aside from the video signals  in cooperation with CS com solutions with a “Digital Trunking System” we transmitted an entire bundle of the much needed signals for the directing and the crosslinked relay stations – is exceptionally well suited for region-wide and at the same time flawless wireless transmissions”, comments Patrick Nußbaum.