Live Transmission of Semper Opera Annual Ball 2017

HDwireless uses five of their wireless camera systems GV INCAM-G

“Dresden sparkles – boundless and worldwide” that was the motto of this year’s SemperOperaBall. 2,500 guests in the ballroom, 15,000 visitors just outside the opera house, and in addition millions of viewers took part in the festivities of this year’s annual Ball via TV on February 3. Both MDR TV and 3SAT TV aired “The greatest classic entertainment event in the German speaking part of Europe” live. So as to enable the TV-viewers to take part in the diverse program and join in the hilarity, five wireless camera systems were deployed in addition to the standard cameras. “Up close angles at the Red Carpet, attractive views of the stage happenings, impressions from the various ballrooms and the ranks, flexible live shots from the Opera House and the view from the Hausmann Tower – all this describes the concept of wireless camera transmissions” says Patrick Nussbaum, CEO of HDwireless. The company specializes in planning, frequency coordination and the realization of such complex wireless camera projects. Aside from the four HDwireless Grass Valley INCAM-G cameras, we also used an especially lightweight Steadicam system Grass Valley INCAM-G Compact. “Such wireless camera systems are excellent choices for events such as the SemperOperaBall: the video quality in 1080 50i with MPEG4-encoding, as well as receivers with 4-fold antenna diversity,” Patrick Nussbaum describes the equipment used for this event. Three HDwireless technicians on site took care to continuously supply stable transmission of live video, the remote camera control, the team radio, and the connectivity of the antenna signals to MDR’s broadcasting van via fiber cable and real-time network solutions. “The flexible and mobile wireless cameras we used supported the live transmission of several hours with creative and diversified framings. This way we succeeded to manage a harmonious blend of the transmission of this very special event”, Patrick Nussbaum resumes.


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