New wireless cameras at HDwireless

Extending the Dry-Hire offer

HDwireless as a supplier of professional wireless cameras for broadcast and event is actually expanding their portfolio. The company introduces two new systems: HDwireless Ikegami ULC Steadicam and Grass Valley INCAM-G COMPACT. Both are ideally suited for mobile and manual operation. The Ikegami ULC Steadicam is based on the Ikegami HDL-45E system in combination with the tried and tested Vislink L-1700 transmitter. Offering the video formats 1080 50i and 720 50p with a maximum video bandwidth of 31.7 MBit/s for DVB-T transmission this system is perfectly suited for the use of steadicams. After an immensely successful introduction of HDwireless GV INCAM-G we have now added the HDwireless GV INCAM-G Compact to our dry-hire offers. This wireless camera system is based on the Grass Valley LDX C80 Compact in connection with the Gigawave ClipOn 4-transmitter. The system can be used quite flexibly with the video formats 1080 50i/59.94i, 1080 50p/59.94p und 720 50p/59.9p at a video bandwidth of up to 31.7 MBit/s and DVB-T transmission. Both systems have already been employed at leadoff projects. “Only recently, at the Dresden Opera Ball event, the INCAM-G Compact was used very successfully. The Ikegami ULC steadicam has proven its qualities when used for several WDR TV productions,” Patrick Nussbaum, CEO of HDwireless, describes the debuts of both newcomers, that are available for dry-hire at HDwireless as of immediately.


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