With the new wireless camera system HDwireless HCAM the 4k video transmission is now available.

This means a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixel for demanding and high-definition live broadcasts and future 4k applications of all kinds in wireless camera transmission.

HDwireless HCAM is based, among others, on the Grass Valley camera head LDX C86N using Canon 4k optics. The RF transmitter encodes in H265 (HEVC) and offers on the input side besides SDI / HD-SDI the formats 3G- / 6G- / 12G-SDI. For wireless transmission of video signals at 10 to 250 mW transmission power, several frequency bands between 1.95 GHz and 7.6 GHz are available.

It achieves data rates of up to 31.7 MBit for DVB-T modulation and up to 43 MBit for LMS-T modulation. The temporal latency of the radio transmission is with only 20ms very low in the current HEVC coding.

Key Facts

high resolution
4k resolution with 3.840 x 2.160 px
Encoding with H265 (HEVC)
Transmitter power adjustable from 10 – 250 mW
Full camera control, Focal point compatible


  • Frequency ranges 1,95-2,7 GHz , 3,2-3,7 GHz und 6,8-7,6 GHz
  • Transmission power adjustable between 10 – 250 mW
  • Modulation COFDM DVB-T or LMS-T
  • Video Encoding H265 (HEVC) with 20 ms latency
  • Video bandwidth up to 31.7 MBit for DVB-T and 43 MBit for LMS-T
  • Video formats SDI / HD SDI 3840x2160p50 / 59.94, 1080p50 / 59.94, 1080PsF23.98 / 24/25 / 29.97, 1080i50 / 59.94 & 720p50 / 59.94
  • Data transmission range: 410-490 MHz
  • UHF receiver Focal point compatible camera control
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