HDwireless has designed a new side panel solution for the Sony Broadcast Camera Series HXC-100R/300R. The HD low latency transmission utilises world class VISLINK hardware. Video & telemetry control is housed in just one unit, independent from the software version of the camera unit.

Using a self-designed data association board we are able to operate and fine tune all camera parameters and functions via the original manufacturer RCP 750/1500. Up to four cameras can be controlled via only one RF connection depending on the basic camera telemetry.

The RF video reception is handled via the VISLINK L2174 receiver. It can operate in 2 or 4 antenna input mode.

Multi-site networks can be built by connecting L2174 receivers via ASI-packet diversity. All antennas for video and data transmission work via BNC-HD Cable up to 300 m or optional via SMPTE fibre cable up to several kilometres.

The transition from a cabled fibre or triad camera to a HDwireless „Junior“ Sidepanel System takes only a few minutes.

  • up to 38 Mbit/s video data rate
  • Video frequency range: 1,95 – 2,7 GHz
  • 6/7/8/10/20 MHz bandwidth options
  • LMS-T and DVB-T modulation
  • 4way RF diversity
  • ASI-packet switching optional
  • Data frequency range: 450-470 MHz
  • Digital data transmitter output: 50/100/500/1000 mW 
  • Red and Green Tally
  • optional WisyCom wireless Micro integration
  • optional external antenna extension video/data via SMPTE fibre
Download PDF Info Sheet

Download “Junior” Info Sheet

Download Vislink Receiver Info Sheet

Download Vislink Receiver Info Sheet

Download Vislink Receiver Manual

Download Vislink Receiver Manual









World’s leading side panel solution, that is running independent from the camera software version. The camera weight including body, battery and lens is under 10 kg
Using the world standard LINK wireless technology integrated inside, we are able to get a latency time of only 60 ms for the side panel unit. MPEG-2 decoded.
Control up to 4 sidepanels with only one UHF Frequency. All related functions of the original manufacturer control RCP 750/1500 are supportet.
Up to 1 km video range and telemetry control using RF output of 200 mW and 1000 mW for telemetry control. Also 1W option on request for higher distances.





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