A new era is born.

The HDwireless ULCevo2 is ready to sell.

  • Ultra low total weight of 5.8 kg
  • MPEG4 Decoding
  • Ultra low delay latency 20 ms
  • Full Camera Control Control

Super lightweight wireless camera system for use with the Sony HDC P1 compact camera head. Designed specifically by HDwireless for use on steadicam operation and other stabilised rigs. This ultra light and flexible radio camera system is specially designed for Steadicam use. At the centre of the system is a special HDwireless mounting plate, which provides the operator all the adjustment needed to balance the steadicam rig perfectly whilst keeping weight and size to a minimum.
The system is provided complete with our own Sony HDC P1 camera head. All batteries and accessories are supplied as required.
The camera lens is not included as standard in the rental package.

The RF video reception is handled via the VISLINK L2174 receiver. It can operate in 2 or 4 antenna input mode. Multi-site networks can be built by connecting L2174 receivers via ASI-packet diversity. All antennas for video and data transmission work via BNC-HD Cable up to 300 m or optional via SMPTE fibre cable up to several kilometers.

  • 1 x HDwireless Sony HDC ULC P1 evo2 Flexible Mount
  • 1 x HD Video Transmitter incl. Omni Transmit Antenna
  • 1 x Telemetry Control
  • 1 Mobile Receiver Set
  • 1 x IDX Battery Set
  • All Antennas as required
  • 1 x SONY RCP 750/1500
  • All connecting cables
  • Red and Green Tally
  • optional WisyCom wireless Micro integration
  • optional external antenna extension video/data via SMPTE fibre
Download InfoSheet

Download Info Sheet

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Patrick Nussbaum


If you need more informations about the ULCEvo2 please contact Patrick Nußbaum.