HD wireless provides wireless Helicopter downlinks for HD and SD video transport. Like our slogan “there is a pictures in the air” we are doing aerial cameras links for more than ten years. Our equipment is tested through the official aviation departments worldwide. Our solutions can be used on different kind of helicopter, a large stock of mounting brackets and special parts are available.

Together with one of Europes biggest solution company of Cineflex service and helicopter special parts we are possible to set your ideas in solutions.

To get distances up to 100km we can provide antenna positions in the best line of sight via fiber connections, up to kilometers of length.

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All our systems can be booked with intercom for the operators and pilots and also with remote camera control via a standard RCP directly from the master control room. So you can seamless put in the pictures from far away.


Helicopter Downlinks in HD-SDI & SD-SDI signal technology

Point to Point bi-directional HD transmission

Special solutions for picture transmission with no sight connection


This method is used to get pictures from helicopters, airplanes, drones and other non-stable and moving elements. Also a full RCP telemetry control for the used camera is possible. We deliver you the best way for your picture transmission.


The point-to-point method is used to transmit pictures from one fixed transmission to another point. Even if there is no sight connection between these points, we are able to get your HD-SDI pictures to where you want to see it. The longest distance between two points was more than 50 km.


Helicopter Downlink Impressions


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Patrick Nussbaum

CEO and wireless specialist

If your have any specialized questions about our downlink or airborne transmissions please contact Patrick Nussbaum.